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JOB OFFER – Head of Energy Efficiency Department

SummaryWe aim to expand our activities and launch a new Energy Efficiency department. We are thus looking for a hard-working, passionate Energy Efficiency expert equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset who could join us and lead the department’s development.


With an electricity demand projected to grow between 10 and 15% per annum, Cambodia constantly faces supply challenges. Instead of systematically reinforcing energy production capacity, we believe the first answer to energy challenges is to reduce the energy consumption. Despite the price of electricity still high comparatively to neighbouring countries, Cambodia’s adoption of energy efficiency remains very low with not dedicated regulatory context and real trust issues from most of the stakeholders. We therefore believe that it is more than time for this sector to emerge in Cambodia.

So far, Sevea has performed a few energy efficiency studies and audits for building in Cambodia and contributed to the writings of a national energy efficiency policy strategy in the Pacific. But our actions and their impact remained marginal. We want now to take a step further. By adopting a holistic approach and by working with the entire spectrum of stakeholders, from technical solutions providers, construction companies and architects, universities, development agencies and government, we wish to contribute and help this sector structure itself.


Strategic and Operational Consulting for Sustainable & Inclusive Business

At Sevea, we are a team of passionate consultants dedicated to support all the actors (Corporates, Organizations, Governments and SMEs) of the development sector in their initiatives/actions. From creating innovative programs, conducting sectorial studies, mentoring entrepreneurs or acting as expert in national development projects, we develop services and coordinate projects to find the best answers to tackle energy, water and rural development issues in emerging markets. After 7 years of experience in developing countries, Sevea is today supporting projects all around the globe mainly in South East Asia, in Africa, and Oceania.

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Role and responsibilities

Sevea is at a strategic turn and needs to reinforce its team. We aim to expand our activities and launch of new Energy Efficiency department. We are thus looking of a hard-working, passionate Energy Efficiency expert equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset who could join us and lead the departments’ development.

Head of Energy Efficiency Department

  • You will a be responsible for the development of the EE department and expand Sevea’s services across the low carbon energy sector
  • You will be responsible for managing projects and providing expert advice to a range of clients
  • You will oversee business development and sales
  • You will be responsible for managing, undertaking and developing a wide range of consultancy work with public and private sector clients along with helping to build expertise within the new Low Carbon Energy Team. The work is likely to be varied across the sector and may include undertaking energy audits in private and public sector organisations, providing strategic advice to clients on energy efficiency opportunities, realising feasibility studies, designing and implementing energy efficiency measures, certifying and assessing Measurement and Verification (M & V) Plans

Sevea’s development

Sevea being a SME, all employees are asked to contribute to the internal life of the company, from reinforcing its communication and marketing tools, to optimizing internal processes to run it more efficiently. Working at Sevea implies contributing to all aspects of its development. In this case, you will be asked to take part in the commercial development of the company, especially by creating strategic partnerships or establishing new client relationships with SMEs or organizations from the development sector and by developing new offers.


Quality and skills required

The ideal candidate will possess the following:

  • Master’s Degree in Engineering
  • Between 7 and 10 years of experience in the field of Energy Efficiency
  • Strong understanding of energy efficiency technologies and energy-saving solutions including, lighting, HVAC and mechanical systems
  • Must be an entrepreneur at heart, organized and have an ability to prioritize workload in a fast-paced environment
  • An interest in and aptitude for developing areas of technical or commercial expertise within the company
  • Strategic and critical approach
  • The ability to manage multiple clients, stakeholders and projects. The successful applicant will be expected to be comfortable interacting with a range of clients and should be an effective communicator
  • The ability to communicate effectively at senior level
  • Hard-worker, ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Strong analytical skills and you can switch from helicopter view to focus on the details
  • Ability to work within and to support the development of a growing team from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and in a multi-cultural environment (our team is composed of Khmer, French and British employees for now)
  • The ability to help develop the careers of junior staff
  • Experience to answer to calls for proposal and grants and to write studies
  • Keen to travel in Asia, Africa and Pacific
  • Strong management capabilities
  • Very strong written and verbal communication skills in English and including report writing
  • Excellent interpersonal, time management, problem solving and organizational skills
  • Attracted by professional challenges
  • Willingness to ‘muck-in’ and carry out all types of task as necessary
  • Strong commitment to the environmental and social principles which drive Sevea
  • Be able to demonstrate a commitment to quality in the work they do and adopt a pragmatic approach
  • Polyvalent and proactive
  • Proficient in MS. Office (Word, Power Point and Excel)



  • Job Title/grade: Head of Energy Efficiency Department
  • Location: Phnom Penh (Cambodia), with the possibility to travel in provinces of Cambodia and in developing countries in South East Asia, Africa, and Oceania.
  • Type of contract: Full Time
  • Salary & benefits: Depending on educational background and experience
  • Starting Date: We are flexible but our team is eager to have you on board as soon as February 2019
  • Reporting to: Directors and co-founders of Sevea

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