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Icone Sevea Enterprise

Social Entrepreneur

Icone Sevea Enterprise


Icone Sevea NGO


Social Investor

       ... aiming at creating lasting social & environmental changes

We are a team of experts working with you to develop your venture by doing:

Icone studies, Sevea services


  • Opportunity
  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Behaviour Change Analysis
Icone operational support, Sevea services

Operational Support

  • Training & capacity building
  • Scale-up strategy definition & implementation
  • Solution implementation
  • Last mile distribution network development
  • Process design & optimization
  • Monitoring system design & optimization
Icone finance, Sevea services


  • Investment Readiness Package
  • Investment Brokerage
  • Financial & Impact Reporting
Icone evaluation, Sevea services


  • Impact Assessment
  • Project Evaluation

To help you reach your full impact...

...we work together to identify the good questions...

Women carrying water jugs in a rural area

Developing access to drinking water is essential, but have you already thought about...

  • How to identify effectively the local perception of safe & clean water?
  • How to make sure that end-users are really drinking safe water? (difference between the quality at the distribution point and at the point of use)
  • How to use such projects to enhance women empowerment?
Man selling fish during the night using energy from a kerosene lamp in Cambodia

Increase energy access is critical, but have you already thought about...

  • How to combine quality solutions with affordability and long term sustainability?
  • How to foster productive usage of such access to electricity?
  • How to overcome last mile distribution challenges?
Man carrying forage with two cows in rural area in Cambodia

Acting for rural development is decisive, but have you already thought about...

  • How to deal with seasonality?
  • How to guarantee sufficient vocational training in rural areas?
  • How to reduce rural exodus?

...and help you build a solution following our unique approach:

Icone results, Sevea services

Result oriented

To create effective changes where it’s required, we always think operationally

Icone bottom-up-bottom, Sevea services


To enable permanent change, we focus mainly on the field level, acting as « translators and doers » for decision makers

Icone tailored Sevea services


To provide targeted and high value response to the detected needs, we adjust our approach to all kinds of contexts and actors

Icon holistic approach by Sevea


To enable permanent change, we do not focus on one single aspect. We deal with a problem as a whole, making sure overall development is provided