At Sevea, we are entrepreneurs dedicating our experience and knowledge to providing strategic and operational support to corporations, organizations and social entrepreneurs striving for social and environmental changes

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Sevea has identified the sector of Social Entrepreneurship as a promising sector for the future and has been striving for its development. Thus, Sevea has been contributing to the emergence of a new economic model that is more respectful of Human and Nature, showing that a profitable activity can be inclusive.

In this short video, you will understand quickly what is Sevea by discovering two amazing social enterprises, SGFE and Naga Earth, both acting in the Energy sector. 

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Sevea's Inception

Since its inception in 2011, Sevea has evolved from a mere concept, brainchild of the two co-founders, to 3 full-embodied ventures with more than 10 people actively contributing to the fulfilment of its objectives. The reason behind this? A vision that gathers and succeeds in mobilizing people from different levels of experience, from different backgrounds, from different sectors... and which coincides with a concrete and blatant reality.

By starting Sevea as a project, it has enabled us to:

  • Deeply analyze & “experience” the market and its real needs
  • Observe the strengths and the weaknesses of currently proposed solutions
  • Build & Validate our vision, mission, objectives and strategies
  • See how to best use our technical and human expertise
  • Develop & Test our own solutions


This ended-up with the following actions


Launching our own consulting services

Launching our own initiatives

Sevea catalysing synergies between members of its network

Catalysing synergies between members of our network

The Managing Directors

Sevea consulting founders, Cécile Dahomé and Cyril Monteiller

Cécile Dahomé

Cécile is an entrepreneurial & result-oriented French advisor, with long experience in Consulting and Business Development. In recent years, she has been focusing on organization and management consulting for social enterprises & social businesses in the developing world, specifically in South and South East Asia.

Cyril Monteiller 

Cyril is an entrepreneurial & business-minded French Engineer, with extensive experience in Solar & Hydro Energy Project Management and Business Development. During the last years, he has been doing organization & management consulting for social enterprises & social businesses, mainly from the sectors of water and energy in South and South East Asia.

Our goal is to put our technical and management expertise at the service of those who strive for good causes

Advisory Board

 Our Strategic Partners

StS Solar Energy Foundation

StS Germany strives for rural development and poverty alleviation by providing solar energy in rural and marginalized areas worldwide. Sevea and the Solar Energy Foundation work together on development and implementation of "solar villages" in disadvantaged areas in developing countries.

Colombus Consulting

Columbus Consulting is a consulting firm based in France specialized in the transformation of organizations facing major changes

Fondation Grenoble INP

The foundation was created to reinforce the unique model of education, research and innovation of Grenoble INP. It is working for the development of an innovative training curriculum, within which students can gain practical experience, both with big companies and local actors