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Junior Consultant

As a Junior Consultant, you will work as a key consultant working on delivery of projects & studies with a team of local and international consultants.

(Department: Clean Energy, Agriculture and Rural Development, WASH, SME Development & Green Finance, Corporate Sustainability)


  • Job title: Junior Consultant
  • Department: Clean Energy, Agriculture and Rural Development, WASH, SME Development & Green Finance, Corporate Sustainability
  • Reporting to: Head of Department or CEO
  • Location: Phnom Penh (Cambodia) | Aquation Office (Koh Pich) 
  • Type of contract: Local Contract | Full-time or Part-time
  • Starting date: Continuously open
  • Gross Salary: 500 – 1,300 $/month
    (including seniority payment and insurance; negotiable based on experience)

We are eager to exchange with you to see where you could bring value to our team!


Our Mission is to catalyse change by supporting transitions towards sustainability.

Sevea is a team of passionate consultants committed to supporting all actors in the development sector, including Development Agencies, Corporations, NGOs, Governments, Investors, and SMEs. We have over 12 years of experience developing innovative programs, conducting sectoral studies, mentoring entrepreneurs, acting as experts in national or international development projects and advising the private sector in its transformation. Our expertise spans various sectors, including Agriculture, WASH, Energy, Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability, Business Mentoring & Change Management, and Access to Finance & Green Finance.

Our team comprises entrepreneurs, experts, consultants, managers, project coordinators, admin, finance, and operation managers. We have a diverse team with an equal gender distribution women and men, and an equal representation of Cambodians and internationals.


As a Junior Consultant, you will work on the delivery of projects with a team of local and international consultants. Depending on the projects, you will work alone,  or in teams. The level of responsibility and autonomy will be adjusted based on the consultants’ profiles.

1/ Act as a consultant

  • Undertake and develop a wide range of consultancy work. The work may include contributing to studies, cost-benefit analyses, sector knowledge reports, participating in productive project meetings, leading field surveys and data collection activities, organising training for beneficiaries or any relevant stakeholders, ensuring quality reporting to the Senior Consultant/Head of Department of Sevea and playing an active role for the implementation of the project. 
  • Support the development of knowledge and technical expertise of the company in one or several sectors of your expertise 

2/ Project management

  • Support projects, ensuring quality project delivery and assistance to clients
  • Be accountable for relationship management with both the client and other external stakeholders throughout the project

3/ Business development

  • Support writing commercial proposals
  • Support your manager with client relationships to understand their needs, identify opportunities for value creation, as well as promote Sevea’s expertise

4/ Internal development

  • Contribute to the company’s internal development by carrying out or leading internal tasks force such as knowledge management commercial development, new offer or services development, sustainability department, culture & gender management, communication & marketing, digital transformation, collective intelligence, HR topics (training, careers evolution, team buildings)
  • Taking on other internal responsibilities as necessary

You’ll have the opportunity to evolve from Junior to Senior Consultant position to Manager and Head of Department and even as director/partner if you stay on long term with us.


  • Passionate about environment, climate change, and energy transition, with a strong interest in sustainable development, socio-eco development challenges and solutions in developing countries
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in relevant fields (e.g. public policy, business and economics, commerce, finance, engineering with specialization around environment & climate change, or agriculture)
  • Functional skills: excellent verbal and written communication skills, critical thinking, comparative analysis and synthesis capabilities, intellectual rigour, organizational skills (Ability to prioritize, multi-task, and meet deadlines), curiosity, open-mindedness, empathy, team spirit and leadership.
  • Technical skills: i) Excellent in MS Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), ii) strong analytical skills with ability to conduct a study, carry out quantitative and qualitative analyses


If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume and cover letter in English following this application form:


If you encounter any problem during the application process, please send us an email:

We are eager to exchange with you to see where you could bring the most added value to our team!


Before leaving this page, if you are interested this far, check our working environment & policy!

  • Sustainability Lab inside Sevea 
  • Friday opened for remote working
  • Combine holidays & remote working to extend your stay abroad
  • 5 working days per week + You can take back your days when you work during weekends or a night to meet our client’s deadline!
  •  25% of the team matched their schedules with their rhythm
  • Valuing multiculturality, diversity and intergeneration
  • 360 Evaluation systems for staff development
  • Aquation office: Swimming Pool + Green areas
  • For expatriates: the company covers visa & working permit
  • Public holidays and Annual Leave following Cambodian Labor Law

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